Best Places for Breakfast in Langkawi

Best Places for Breakfast in Langkawi

NOTE: Apologies but The Fat Frog has currently paused it’s breakfast operations.

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Fried Fortress

With Langkawi being a laid back island supporting a large tourism industry you would have thought the market would be there to encourage restaurants to provide breakfast opportunities on the island. Granted, few are going for the 7:30 grab-snack food and take away coffee that the hustle and bustle of a city calls for, but what says relaxed holiday like a late morning freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice and having someone else cook your breakfast, possibly accompanied by a Bloody Mary to fight off any incoming ill effects of putting away too many beachside beers the day before?

For years Langkawi has provided little option over and above the nearest “mamak stall”, but this is hardly a relaxing breakfast environment, with the rattling metal chairs and staff shouting to the kitchens doing little to provide that holiday feeling as you eat artery-clogging meals that will make you feel lethargic for the rest of the day. Besides, if you’re in from the city for a couple of days’ respite this isn’t a change from the usual for most.

Having dealt with this frustration for years, we opened our breakfast menu back in 2016, however, as the coronavirus has left us operating on reduced daily hours, we felt it would be only considerate to provide you with out insider’s guide to the secret spots for breakfast in Langkawi! Our go-to spot is the luxurious Temple Tree boutique resort ( A short drive (don’t expect to pay more than Rm10 in a cab from anywhere on the Pantai Cenang strip & Rm15 from Pantai Tengah) towards the airport from Pantai Cenang, their main demographic is in-house guests, but anyone is welcome to drop in for a beautiful breakfast in the architectural antique that is the Straits Club Restaurant.

The menu is not large it caters to all tastes, and they pride themselves on their fairtrade organic coffee, produced with a state of the art Fiorenzato machine, that receives rave reviews. First up, a cold and invigorating fresh, tropical fruit platter; providing an opportunity to eat your nutrients first thing in the morning when your digestive system is clear and focused.

Their homemade bread basket is also a nice light option for those who like the traditional European continental style breakfast, with crispy croissants the highlight. Goes very nicely when ordered alongside their simple eggs dish – the standard hotel special of two eggs, cooked in whichever style you like them. Yes, if you like them sunny side up with ketchup making it a face and the yolk as a nose, they’ll even do that.

We always get distracted by their big breakfast though. Their simple-carb free option is a great choice for maintaining energy levels throughout the morning and managing blood sugar levels. Think of it as a healthy version of your typical fry-up. Homemade hash browns, alongside baked beans, spinach, mushrooms and sausages of your choice. If we had to recommend one option, their vegetarian sausages, made in-house, are packed full of flavour!

Feeling just a little bit naughty? Pancakes served either plain with gula Melaka syrup, or with added bananas. Fancy something really indulgent? Cast your eyes over to their dessert menu as their array of waffle toppings have something for everyone, with a choice of mixed berry toppings, banana and cinnamon or a rich chocolate drizzle. No one will judge you – you’re on holiday!

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Nearby you’ll also find the Smiling Buffalo. Set in the homely boutique resort of Panji Panji this is another affordable option in a laid-back atmosphere, often with the brilliant concept of live acoustic music in the morning too. The food leans more towards guilty as opposed to healthy breakfast, and don’t expect to receive it in a rush, but this is a chilled location to relax with a very good coffee and read a book over breakfast.

Finding breakfast on Pantai Cenang itself is still tricky for tourists if you don’t know where to go, with even the only notable establishment, the appropriately named Breakfast Bar, having closed. However, if you’re facing this landmark then walk to your left until you find a lane heading inland. Stick left at the first fork and right at the second and you’ll eventually find Rainbow Lodge. Whilst it’s a humble café attached to a backpacker’s, the quiet paddy field next door lends a tranquillity and they offer superb value for money, with indulgent food prepared by passionate owners.

For those with slightly deeper pockets, Casa Del Mar offers a brilliant buffet spread, with a choice of healthy green juices and even bubbles on offer – and you needn’t be a house guest to get involved! The setting is lovely too, perfect for a relaxed morning.  We at The Fat Frog source our baguettes from The Loaf, who have also recently set up a shop at the front of Pantai Cenang Mall and we recommend their bread & butter (as it were), with a great selection of baked goods. For those in Telaga Harbour their cafe here also happens to be your only morning option, with the setting well in line with the relaxed holiday environment you want to eat breakfast in when in Langkawi. It’s a shame more is not made of this as a breakfast location by the other waterfront establishments.

Enjoy your morning on the island and please do leave comments below with any recommendations you’d like to offer travellers or feedback on the above!