The Fat Frog is located in the former clubhouse of 99 East Golf Club

Click the course headings to see the mouth-watering menu you get to choose from and photos of the delicious meal you’re going to have!

Breakfast – 10:30-12:30

When the sun is low and the morning breeze is drifting up into the restaurant the setting is perfect for a late breakfast. We have a healthy range of options to cater to all; a fruit selection if you’re looking to get nutrients on board, carb-free dishes for those looking to control blood sugar or some low-guilt yet indulgent dishes for the cheeky ones. Expect to find Norah Jones or Jamie Cullum singing in the background.

Our range of fruit juices & smoothies are also the perfect refreshment at this time and can be found on the drinks page.

Lunch & Dinner – 12:30-14:30, 18:30-22:00

Hearty but Healthy, our motto is ever apparent through this menu of dishes that will leave your tastebuds tingling & your stomach satiated whilst your mind is at ease knowing there was no ill-effect on your waistline. We’ve taken salads that most stereotypically view as being “fluffy” & “not filling enough” and beefed them up to large portions with whole grains included. We’ve taken traditionally starch-filled meals like pesto linguine and the burger and reduced the carb content replacing it with a stack of grilled vegetables and spicy baked beans respectively.

Everything you see on this menu is made in house, from the fresh coriander hummus to the paste for the yellow curry, to the pesto smeared on the grilled sandwich & the baked beans. All the meat comes straight from the local butcher down the road. All the healthy aspects of home cooked food, just if you’d spent months putting together a list of your favourite dishes and your home had waiter service, a view of the ocean and cliffs, and you didn’t have to do any of the washing up…

Desserts & Drinks – All day!

We have a couple of house desserts but the main treats you can expect to indulge in are going to be found on our specials menu. Fresh Cake of the Day and Dessert of the Day, with some sample photos found on the two pages.

Our Drinks cater to all – We have a large selection of organic fair trade tea flavours for those looking for something light yet warm. A favourite over breakfast or with a piece of cake in the afternoon. Our coffee is made with fresh milk and the beans are also Fairtrade & Organic; we confidently say you won’t find many comparable on the island.

Try our range of fresh juices for a refreshing blast of vitamins – opt for a simple flavour or go for one of our recommended house combos. If you’re feeling like something a bit thicker but also with the same cool energy burst then our dairy-free smoothies are the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

Daily Specials – Changes Daily!

We don’t want to tease you too badly with food you may not be able to order, but we’re so proud of some of our specials that they’re too good not to post. Here are some samples of what you can expect, and we really pull out the stops on special occasions too.

Enjoy having a look & we hope that luck is on your side when you come by!