For most visiting Langkawi shopping has tended to centre around the various low quality roadside Pantai Cenang shopping outlets selling counterfeit goods, but it’s hard to find treasured gifts for friends back home or a treat for yourself other than a bottle of duty-free gin (not that there’s any problem with this option!).

At The Boutique @ The Fat Frog our aim is to make shopping in Langkawi a more unique experience, so we’ve trawled the island and wider region to bring you the very best of fashion, jewellery, soaps, candles, art and more. All of our stock comes from fair trade organisations, with an emphasis on giving back to the community and improving the lives of those who work to produce the goods that make shopping for your gifts so enjoyable.

You’ll find bios and taster imagery for all of our products below; we look forward to having you drop by and wish you happy shopping in Langkawi!


Barefoot is a Sri Lankan brand of colourful 100% cotton fabrics; all handmade, naturally dyed, hand woven and eco-friendly. We carry a range of products from table linens to bags and soft toys.
The company began over 40 years ago in a convent in Sri Lanka where women were learning to weave and the designers still work almost exclusively with skilled needle women in small centers in the countryside.

Drawing inspiration from elements of Southeast Asian art, architecture and tradition to create their prints, O.Lanun aim to preserve and symbolise the raw essence of the region in their culturally inspired men’s swimwear. With their Bajau Shorts taking inspiration from both Batik & Peranakan clothing collections, the practicality and tailored aesthetics of the above-the-knee length allows one to look and feel good whether in the water or on a daily stroll.

The shorts are manufactured with the finest quality stretch-resistant polyester, enabling the wearer to live an active lifestyle without concern, whilst they are also quick drying so one can switch seamlessly from beach to bar; the perfect island attire.

Made by hand in small batches, Republic of Soap’s pure vegetable soaps are carefully created using nature’s finest ingredients with part science, part patience and dedication. The excellent body care products have gentle leave-on formulas that are designed to replenish & revitalize skin, making it softer and healthier without needless chemicals or irritants. The sun screen lotions are naturally free from toxic additives and the natural, ultra refreshing, aloe vera gel sun care products penetrate quickly to instantly soothe, cool and hydrate the skin.

No petroleum additives, fillers, animal by-products and artificial colours are used in their lovingly handmade products.

Ellen Darwin is a Singapore based Norwegian photographer. She focuses mainly on macro and portrait photography. Her range of greeting cards is picked from a selection of her images. They are 15cm x 15cm and printed on a high quality paper suitable for framing. There is a natural theme running through the whole collection, whether it is details of plants and patterns up close or animal portraits.

The Batik Boutique is a fair trade, social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing sustainable skills training and jobs to artisans and seamstresses in Malaysia, with a portion of our profits invested back into the communities we work in.
Our high quality, hand-made gifts, home goods & fashion products start with family-run batik textiles businesses in rural Malaysia and are then delivered to women who sew in their homes or in our sewing training centre.

Real.m peshtemals is the most versatile, user friendly, and beautiful outdoor and home commodity. As an outdoor essential, you can pack these thin, light-weight, fast-drying towels as your travel companion to be your beach towels, picnic mats, blankets, shawls, baby wraps, pareos, or as sport towels without much fuss as it is made to be on-the-go. It’s durability and natural material of cotton and bamboo are added values making these towels a sustainable product that comes with the softness of touch

Silver Dragonfly Jewellery is a range of unique hand crafted jewellery which are limited edition or one of a kind.
The pieces are hand made by Allyson Johnston in her studio in Kuala Lumpur. She uses Karen Hill Tribe silver from Northern Thailand, Chinese Miao earring pieces, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, wood, ceramic and any unusual pieces she collects in her travels.

The Charity Club Langkawi is committed to improving the day to day lives of underprivileged families in Langkawi. These items were sewn by local ladies who have been taught to sew to enable them to earn a living.

Arts Alive is a Malaysian based company created by two artists, Emma and Sarah, who are long term Malaysian expatriates.

Our designs are hand crafted, on the highest quality bone china, with a Malaysian twist.